Search and Rescue

Phone 10177 or 041 585 1555, state that it is a MOUNTAIN RESCUE EMERGENCY
or phone 072 324 4985 or 073 755 2250

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What to do during a Wilderness Emergency
Provide as much as possible of the following information:

  1. Name of caller, contact number and status of battery
  2. Present location, location of incident (remain stationary!)
  3. Alternate contact times – so phone can be switched off to preserve battery
  4. Alternative contact numbers
  5. Nature of incident, including date and time thereof
  6. Number of people injured/missing (state of injured), total number in group
  7. Description on immediate terrain, weather conditions
  8. Equipment and competency of group

Texting uses less battery power; if your phone battery is running flat, rather SMS once you have made initial contact. Ask other party members with phones to switch them off, so you can change to another phone if your battery should run out.

About Search and Rescue
Our Search and Rescue team forms part of a national team and consists of volunteer club members. MCSA Search and Rescue team’s primary competency lies in dealing with emergencies in non-urban environments. Our skills include, but is not limited to:

  • Movement in difficult wilderness/mountainous terrain
  • Kloofing (Canyoning) rescue
  • Cave rescue
  • Survival skills
  • Rope access and rescue
  • Steep ground evacuation
  • Helicopter rescue
  • First aid
  • Radio communication
  • Search management and techniques

The team works closely with other organizations such as Metro Disaster Management, (Provincial and Metro) EMS, SAAF, SAPS, PEARS, and others.

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Team of Search and Rescue volunteers

We have an active group of SAR volunteers who trains on a regular basis. However, we expect our volunteer members to be proficient in the basics, such as; rock climbing, personnel rope skills, mountaineering, map reading, etc. As well as be active in normal club activities before they become involved in SAR.

How does one do this? 

Get involved in the club and the activities that it offers. There are meets every weekend ranging from easy walks to rock-climbing and mountaineering. Once you have gained the necessary skills and equipment to look after yourself and got to know our members, slotting into the SAR team is easy and seamless. Training is then taken to the next level.


Should you wish to obtain more information, please contact our Search and Rescue Coordinator. Thank you to all those who volunteer their time to Search and Rescue.